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Revenge and how to deal with it

12 Christmas Gifts for a Cheating Ex

I’m being horribly hypocritical writing this list of 12 gifts to mock the man in your life who has let you down. The mantra of my book, Adulterer’s Wife: How to Thrive Whether You Stay or Not is that revenge is not sweet and the best revenge is to get past the need for it. But I’m not recommending smashing his prized Ming vase or shooting him in the nuts—just some gently sardonic humor at his expense. Continue reading 12 Christmas Gifts for a Cheating Ex

Ridiculous Revenge: Going Nuts over Infidelity

Clearly it’s a major shock to discover your dearly beloved’s infidelity. However some folks have compounded the awfulness of their situation by reacting in such an extreme fashion that they face prosecution for what they’ve done to get back at their philandering partners. Continue reading Ridiculous Revenge: Going Nuts over Infidelity

Revenge Is Not Sweet

In the movies, revenge is sweet. In real life, that’s not necessarily the case. The desire for revenge can be a very toxic emotion that keeps you bound to all the negative effects you’ve suffered from his infidelity. Seeking vengeance can lead to endless hatred and bitterness—it never brings back what you have lost. Continue reading Revenge Is Not Sweet