Challenging Assumptions about Infidelity, Intimacy and Marriage

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Excerpted from Adulterer’s Wife: How to Thrive Whether You Stay or Not

“Adulterer’s Wife is very clever and well-written. Such a good idea too.”—Celia Walden, US Editor-at-Large, Daily Telegraph, UK.

AW_Cover_front-cover_V8-sm-RGB-webAdultery is rarely out of the news. Sexual escapades of celebrities and politicians, almost always men, make great media fodder. What about the wives who are left devastated and need to rebuild their lives?

Adulterer’s Wife gives women with unfaithful partners the tools to help overcome feelings of anger, loneliness, fear and betrayal. “Whether they choose to stay or leave, wives need to take back power and gain independence,” writes CJ Grace. She shows women how to use the shock of infidelity as a catalyst to become a more complete, creative and joyful human being—no partner required.

In 2016, while visiting London, England, CJ  spoke live on the BBC’s flagship radio show Woman’s Hour, with over 3.5 million listeners. “I wrote this book to help women let go of toxic emotions such as blame, hatred and revenge,” she said. “The sweetest revenge is to get over the need for it.”

Rather than discussing couples therapy or divorce, Adulterer’s Wife shows readers:

  • How to stop feeling like hell.
  • How to decide if a marriage is worth saving.
  • How to deal with the other woman.
  • How to rescue a poor sex life—with one’s husband or someone else.
  • The importance of making informed choices, such as knowing about finances.

Hilarious cartoons spice the pages, as do tales of adultery involving people from many countries and all walks of life. Some stories are outrageous, some poignant and some will make you laugh out loud.

Having worked as a BBC staff journalist and lived in America, Europe and Asia, CJ concludes that no country has a monopoly for lunacy as regards sex and relationships. “It’s just that in each the qualities of nuttiness (and even naughtiness) are slightly different,” she says.

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2 thoughts on “Challenging Assumptions about Infidelity, Intimacy and Marriage

  1. It’s a very complicated subject matter-is monogamy essential for the survival of a marriage? I am not sure but certainly all parties have to feel valued.
    I liked your references to wider matters-Ashley Madison, France etc. More of these would be illuminating.
    Best of luck with the book.
    Thank you for your candour.

  2. I salute you for having the courage to be truthful and real in this site for people who are in difficult circumstances. It is a much needed site for healing and support and giving people a chance to resolve conflicts.

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